About Us

Joseph Driving School was established in 1995, and totally 20 years’ experience in this field. Joseph Driving School is started by Mr. Joseph in 2006 has grown to a high extent where we are training people. There are three types of vehicles like Innova, Indica, Wagon R. Safety is our main concern, as it is yours. JDS is dedicated to creating safe drivers through providing a quality education and experience, while keeping the learning process convenient and enjoyable.

Joseph Driving School primarily aim at guiding and training the aspiring drivers of the legal aspects of driving including information about the traffic systems and signals, their practical and legal significance, the need to make quick decision while driving, proper hand and seating positions, steering control, vehicle dynamics and many more related issues.

Our instructors both (Male &Female;) are good experience persons, patient and friendly and are committed to helping you to become a confident and safe driver on the road. We provide excellent lessons by fully qualified, friendly, and patient driving instructors and welcome new drive. Chennai Friends Cultural Academic Welfare Association can be issued the Award is “Best Driving School in Nagercoil” in the year is 2003.

Driving Tips

  • Get Driver-Vehicle Readiness: Safety Belts on, Doors Locked, Headlights On.
  • Make smooth, gradual starts and stops.
  • Use reference points to know exactly where your car is positioned.
  • Adjust speed and position to keep empty space to the side.
  • Before putting your foot on the gas pedal, see that the targeting path is clear.
  • Visualize the Target Area; then evaluate the 12-15 second ranges en route to it.