Our Services

The central government’s Motor Vehicles Act (1988) states that any individual who operates a motor vehicle in a public place must have a valid driving license issued by the state government’s regional transport office or authority (RTO/RTA). Each state’s RTO/RTA has offices in major cities and towns, where licenses can be obtained and renewed.

ATwo types of driving license are issued in India: a learner’s license and a permanent license. A learner’s license is required before a permanent license can be issued, unless the applicant already has a valid driving license from another country or an international driving permit (IDP). Holders of a foreign driving license or an IDP can obtain a permanent license by passing a written test.

We provide following services for our clients:

  • Motorcycle license – for operating motorbikes, scooters and mopeds
  • Light motor vehicle license – for operating cars, sedans, auto rickshaws, taxis and sport utility vehicles
  • In Tsunami period we had given driving training for NGO’s

Driving Tips

  • Get Driver-Vehicle Readiness: Safety Belts on, Doors Locked, Headlights On.
  • Make smooth, gradual starts and stops.
  • Use reference points to know exactly where your car is positioned.
  • Adjust speed and position to keep empty space to the side.
  • Before putting your foot on the gas pedal, see that the targeting path is clear.
  • Visualize the Target Area; then evaluate the 12-15 second ranges en route to it.

New Project

“Youth Skill Training” (Only Driving School in Kanyakumari which provides Government
certificates-government payroll.)